Concert and Event Screens

Rental LED Display R SERIES

Concert and other event screens make easier for the audience a better view of the stage from different persepctives, giving a more immersive and memorable experience.

Learoy Rental LED Display can be widely used at music festivals, sporting events, theaters and other live shows, both indoor and outdoor.

5 Concert Screens Advantages

  • Visual impact: LED screen displays allow for more intricate and dynamic visual effects to enhance viewers’ visual experience. The video effects add depth and visual interest to the performances.
  • Emotional impact: concert LED screens intensify the participants emotions thanks to their synchronization with the music, stage lighting and other visual effects; creating a seamless and immersive audiovisual experience.
  • Closer connection with audiences: stage screens allow displaying live details which can not be seen clearly from long distances. Close-up shots capture facial expressions, gestures and emotions transmitted by performers.
  • Rentability: LED screens offer the opportunity of generating sponsorship revenues playing sponsor contents before the show or during breaks.
  • Customization to fit the specific needs of each project (event type, location, venue dimensions, etc.), by the quantity of screens, their design, sizes and so on. It is typical to install a main screen in the central area of the stage (square or rectangle most of the times). It can be complemented with secondary screens on both sides of the main screen. Extension screens can be also used in concerts: large screens on the sides of the venue with live broadcast of the concert to give better visibility of performers and stage effects from areas with less clarity.

5 Event Screens Requirements

  • High definition considering viewing distance. Image definition is determined by the pixel pitch, which must be chosen according to viewing distance and screen size. Learoy Rental LED Displays, both aluminum and carbon fiber series, feature a wide range of pixel pitch: P2.6, P2.604, P2.9, P2.976, P3.9, P3.91, P4.81, P5.2, P6.9.
    Furthermore, R-SERIES are designed to be bright enough to be visible in any lighting conditions, including daylight. Brightness start from 700 nits until 5.500 nits depending of the indoor or aoutdoor application.
  • Fluent display to keep up the show pace, optimized through 7.680 Hz refresh rate of Aluminum Rental Displays, the highest rate in the industry. Carbon Fiber Rental Displays also ensure a fluent visualization with 3.840 Hz.
  • Stable working to support live demands. R SERIES guarantee high reliability and perfect performance. Professional software and hardware ensure smooth and reliable data transmission and a correct content render. Novastar controllers used by Learoy LED Displays enable color and brightness calibration and sincronization with stage lighting and audio.
  • Ease of installation and disassemble: R-SERIES modular system allow a simple and fast set up, with lightweight and thin cabinets, an easy to connect structure and an easy power boxes and modules installation. Carbon Fiber Rental LED Displays cabinets are the most lightweight in the industry, with only 6,9 kg per cabinet of 500 x 1.000 mm (15 kg in Aluminum Rental Display).
    In addition to this, Learoy Rental LED Displays are easy to maintain with front access to their modules for quick works.
  • High protection resisting frequent changes in location and outdoor conditions. Learoy Rental LED Displays present a high protection level. IP65 protects them from shocks, elevated temperatures and moisture.

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