Laser, Mirror Ball and many more Lights

Do you need to illuminate your dance floor? Do you know all the alternatives?

Appart from the must have mirror ball, you can choose among different Learoy LED stroboscopes.

With Learoy LED lights for nightclubs and parties managed by a Learoy DMX console, you will control the frecuency, duration and secuence of luminous flashes and coordinate visual effects with music.

You can also combine them with special effects machines and get the coolest atmosphere. Find out more.

View moving headsView special effects

Infinity Dance Floor and Wall

Do you want to take advantage from your competitors by being the most innovative?

As soon as you see the infinity LED tiles, you will want them on your floor or wall.

Become the most photographied thanks to the engaging 3D effect of these LED dance floors and walls.

Discover how easy they are to install and maintein.

See infinity dance floor and wall
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