Choosing LED Display

How to Select a Window Display

There are various Learoy LED displays suitable for window projects. We will assess the best choice for you.

Indoor or outdoor display for a shop window?

When choosing a street store window LED display, you can commonly consider an indoor display, but the right consideration is an outdoor one, either an Outdoor Display belonging to E SERIES or a Rental Display R SERIES.


The main cause of this choice is the high bright which provide the outdoor displays, usually over 5.500 nits and even reaching 7.000 versus 700 – 1.000 nits of an indoor LED display.

The choice between E SERIES or R SERIES depends on the available space, the desired or recommended installation method and the time the screen will stay in the window.

We will adive on the facts to consider in the project, whether a window installation or a different kind of project.

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