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GOB Technology

Learoy LED Displays can be manufactured with GOB (Glue on Board) technology, which represents an improvement on the SMD LED mount process.

Extra Protection, Longer durability

GOB technology means applying an epoxy resin to module surface wich improves the screen sealed and protect it from harmful agents as moisture, dust, shocks or UV rays. This avoid LED breaks or failures, the cause of the majority of a LED display maintenance works.


GOB recommendation

GOB technology improves the display stability, reduces maintenance costs and increses service life. This protection is specially useful for display series with higher risks, such as:

  • Rental LED Displays in R SERIES, which move frequently so they are heightened additional shock or abrasion risk.
  • Flexible LED Displays in F SERIES, with a less robust structure than rigid screens.
  • Floor LED Screens in S SERIES, whose surface always requires a layer of transparent acrylic material, becoming unnecessary with GOB encapsulation.
  • Conventional Transparent LED Displays in TC SERIES, whose structure is slightly thicker and fragiler than other displays due to the gaps between LED rows that let the light pass through.

Additional Benefits of GOB

In addition to the extra protection provided by GOB encapsulation, it brings more benefits, some related to image quality:

  • Slightly better contrast due to the mate finish of resin coating, which reduces reflects on the screen surface.
  • Image uniformity and wider viewing angle thanks to the resin coat that serves as a lens that enhances screen light transmission.
  • Blue light protection because the displays with GOB resin emit very little blue light so they are less agressive than traditional LED.
  • More uniform screen thanks to the plane surface of the LED module.

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