Choosing a LED Display

The Accurate Pixel Pitch

Learoy LED Displays are available with a wide range of pixel pitch or distances between pixels, from under 1 milimeter uo to 10 milimeters. Choose the best option in order to obtain the best visualization experience in each project.

Optimum Distance Between Pixels

The pixel pitch of a LED Display represents the physical separation between the center of two adjacent pixels indicated in milimeters. This is to say that a P3 pixel pitch means that the center of adjacent pixels are 3 mm distance.

This parameter is directly associated with the optimum visualization of the image. The lower pixel pitch the higher definition and vice versa.

The viewing distance is the starting point to define the pixel pitch of a LED display. We design the ideal solution for the correct visualization of the support taking into account the minimum viewing distance of the target audience. The closer to the viewers the LED screen is, the higher the resolution it must have and, therefore, the lower pitch.

Considering the type of content is also important. The higher detail level of images, the lower pixel pitch required.


Learoy LED Displays feature the minimum pixel pitch in the industry, under 1 mm between pixels.

However, smaller pixelation is not always required but adequate pixel pitch must be selected so avoiding unnecessary additional cost.

As a general rule, a pixel pitch under 2 is ideal when the viewer is near the screen, usually in indoor applications such as auditoriums or television studios. A value between 2 and 5 is a good option for medium distances like in shopping center or airports applications. And it is recommended over 5 values when the screen is observed at great distances, generally outdoor scenarios such as facades or events.

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