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LED Displays with High Refresh Rate

Learoy LED Displays feature high refresh rates. The majority present 3.840 Hz.

Speed and Softness

Refresh Rate in a LED Display is the number of times that images are repeatedly displayed per second indicated in Hertzs. It is to say that a display with basic 1.920 Hz refresh rate, refreshes the image 1.920 times per second.

This parameter affects to stability, definition and clarity image, which increase with a more frequent refresh.

Learoy LED offers the displays with greater refresh rate in the industry, reaching 7.680 Hz in aluminum Rental LED Displays in RA SERIES and indoor LED Displays in I SERIES.


Low Refresh Rate


High Refresh Rate

LED displays with high refresh rate allow faster content updates and more fluid transitions; providing a visual smoothness sense and a more realistic motion perception.

The optimum refresh rate depends mainly on the LED display application and the kind of contents to play. The screens to be photographied or video recorded require a more frecuent refresh, as well as contents with more frames per second or faster movements in darker scenes. For example, live broadcasts and streaming, concerts and sports events.

The LED display environment must be also considered, demanding higher refresh rates in outdoor and other bright conditions or with closer viewing distances.

An elevated refresh rate enhances the visualization experience, reduces flickering and protect the eyes, causing less eye fatigue.

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