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Nationstar LED

Learoy LED Displays are manufactured with Nationstar LED chips, the leading brand in LED Displays Chinese industry.

Why Nationstar LED?

Different LED chip brands compete in the LED Displays market. The American Cree and the Japanese Nichia are considered the best quality ones and represent only 5% of the market due to their high cost.

The remaining 95% of this industry is distributed among several brands manufactured in China, such as Nationstar, Kinglight, Mulinsen or Hongsheng.


The quality of LED have a direct effect on image quality through several params:

  • Viewing angle, which needs to be wider in certain applications such us high buildings or crowded indoor places.
  • Brightness: the higher the brightness of LEDs, the more content possibility there, which also can be a favor for saving power consumption and keeping stable performances.
  • Failure rate: the failure of any of the hundreds of thousands of red, green or blue pixels negatively affects the overall visual effect of the display.
  • Anti-static ability: as LEDs are sensitive to static, this capacity can be critical to the using life of the screen.
  • Lifespan, which is far longer than that of other components of the display.
  • Brightness attenuation: after a long working time, LED display module may appear brightness declining and color inconsistency (“blurred screen”).
  • Consistency: The consistency of the brightness and wavelength of each LED determines the brightness consistency, white balance consistency and chromaticity consistency of the entire display.

Nationstar is considered the highest quality manufacturer mainly due to its more realistic color rendering, higher brightness and longer service life.

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