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Novastar Control Systems

Learoy LED Displays use Novastar control systems, the leading solution for the management and control of LED displays due to their performance and simplicity of use.

The Best LED Displays Control

Novastar controllers allow remote and asynchronous display set with no computer needed, although they can be also configured with this or other device synchronously.


Novastar Controllers Advantages

The main advantages of Novastar controllers are:

  • Advanced technology which get a fluid and high quality content reproduction in a wide range of applications, from live events to permanent digital signage installations.
  • Easy use with user friendly systems, which allows set up and manage LED displays with maximum efficiency and no complications.
  • High compatibility supporting almost all kind of LED screen, even flexible one.
  • Configuration and customization flexibility, enabling different settings according to specific needs.
  • Reliability and excellent performance, ensuring a consistent and high quality exhibition even in the most demanding environments.

Professional Calibration

Novastar controllers integrate a point to point calibration system with color temperature and gamut and bright and dark seam lines adjustment.

An optimal calibration of a LED display is critical to guarantee color and brightness module uniformity, which results in an unify and best quality image.

Thanks to Novastar controllers, visual performance of LED displays is optimized.


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