Advertising or Infomation Totem

LED Totem

Learoy LED totem is the most versatile and easy to install LED display.

Take advantage of the full scope provided by this kind of screen.

Advertising or Information LED Totem

Pixel Pitch: P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3

Screen Size: 640 x 1.920 mm / 576 x 1.920 mm

Weight: 40 kg

Thickness: 39 mm

Brightness: 1.000 nits

Protection: IP43

Installation: floor standing (optional wheels) or hanging. Cascade connection possible.

Maintenance: front with modular system

More details

Easy installation and maintenance

Learoy LED totem are simple to setup, install and maintain.

You can display your content through USB or from any remote device.

Install the totem standing on the floor with or without wheels or hanging. And access to the screen by magnetic extraction of its modules.

Cascade Setup

Learoy LED totems can be placed toguether as the image to be expanded up to the width of the serie, or just to show a duplicated image.

Cascade connection is possible both in standing and hanging installations.





Totem LED en centro comercial.

Partner Stores

Totem LED en centro comercial.


Totem LED en centro comercial.


Cinemas or theatres

LED Totem Specifications

Advertising or Information LED Totem

Pixel Pitch (mm) P1.875 P2 P2.5 P3
Module Size (mm) 320*160
Screen Size (mm) 640*1.920 576*1920
Weight (kg/m²) 40
Thickness (mm) 39
Pixel Density (dots/m²) 284.444 250.000 160.000 105.625
Module Resolution (dots) 128*64
Brightness (nits) 1.000
Refresh Rate (Hz) 1.920
LED Lamp SMD1515 SMD2121
Viewing Angle (°) H 160, V 160
Viewing Distance (m) ≥ 1 ≥ 2 ≥ 2 ≥ 3
Protection IP43
Temperature (℃) / Humidity (% RH) -30 ~ 60 / 10 ~ 95
Input Voltage AC 96~242V 50/60Hz
Maximun / Average Power Consumption (W/m²) 250 / 600 200 / 800 300 / 800
Life Span (hours) ≥ 100.000
Installation Method Floor standing (optional wheels) or hanging. Cascade connection possible
Maintenance Method Front with modular system
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